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1. What is VAS Games Cafe?
VAS Games Cafe is a subscription based mobile portal which offer unlimited mobile games to download and play as long as you have an active subscription. Subscription is available at as low as ETB 1 per day, Once you are subscribed to VAS Games Cafe, you will need an active data connection to be able to validate your subscription status and play the games.

2. Where do I find Mobile games offered from VAS on my Mobile phone?
You need to log on to smartizone.net/games from your mobile via your mobile browser (WAP / Services Browser). You can then select from a range of mobile games. Remember to bookmark for easy access.
Here are some pointers to HELP you connect:

  • To browse and purchase a game, please make sure
  • Your mobile is configured with Mobile Internet (WAP/GPRS) settings.
  • You are using a compatible mobile for mobile games.
  • You have enough credit, especially if you are using a prepaid
  • You have enough space for downloading mobile games on your mobile. We recommend you save the games you download on your memory card – if there is one in your mobile phone.

3. How do I get the link for VAS Games Cafe?
You have to simply send "OK" to 6166 or visit smartizone.net/games from your mobile. There are no charges on sending this SMS.

4. How do I play the games?
You can access the games / applications folder on your phone to play the games. The instructions to play the game will be within the game.

5. Where can I find help/instructions on playing the games?
You can also visit the Help section on smartizone.net/games from your mobile to get help. You will find the Game specific instructions within the game once you download it.

6. How much do I pay for playing the games?
If you have opted to subscribe to Games Cafe, then you can play unlimited number of games and play them as long as your subscription is active. Subscriptions are available as low ETB1 per day.

7. If I have opted for the subscription option, how long does my subscription last?
Your subscription period will be dependent on the period you have opted for subscription will be active for 24 hours. At the end of the subscription period, your subscription will be automatically renewed.

8. How can I find the specific games on Games Cafe?
Games Cafe has a unique offering of unlimited access to over 200 games. If you know the game name or partial name of the game, you can type in the search bar. If not then you can browse through the respective categories.

9. How can I unsubscribe from the Games Cafe?
To unsubscribe from the subscription services, you need to go to unsubscribe in Games Cafe and click on 'Unsubscribe' button. You can even SMS STOP to 6166. There are no charges for sending this SMS.

10. How do I send my feedback to Games Cafe?
You can mail us at hw.designs.plc@gmail.com

11. I cannot launch the game?
Such games will try to bill/check for your subscription status at launch and may not start due to insufficient balance in your account.